Studio Rules


  • Always bow when entering and leaving the mat area
  • Always bow to instructors/black belts
  • Always address instructors/black belts as Mr., Ms. or Sir.
  • Be on time to class, if you are late you must ask permission to enter the mat
  • Keep your uniform neat and clean
  • All students must wear a white t-shirt under their uniform
  • Girls must have hair tied back
  • All shoes/coats/equipment to be kept in Girls/Boys locker room
  • No jewelry on the mat
  • No chewing gum in the studio
  • No loud taking in lobby area
  • Absolutely no martial arts outside of class (unless supervised by an adult)
  • Always treat instructors and fellow students with respect


  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before class time
  • Please keep younger siblings quiet at all times


Intermediate & Advanced level only

  • All equipment must be labeled with students last name
  • Mandatory equipment for boys: Head gear, hand gear, footgear, shin guard, mouth guard, and protector cup.
  • Mandatory equipment for girls: Head gear, hand gear, footgear, shin guard and mouth guard.
  • Instructor must be present when sparring
  • Always use control and light contact when sparring
  • No contact to the head

Requirements for Testing

Training hour requirements
Knowledge of testing materials
Instructors approval
Studio patch sewn on left chest of uniform
Testing application filled out prior to testing date